• Delivery

    Standard Delivery

    If you are confident in your choice of product, and do not feel that it is necessary to be shown the product in detail, delivery costs can be reduced by opting for our ‘Standard Delivery’. By choosing this option your product will still be delivered to your door but it will be sent by a professional carrier. You will need to open the product yourself and dispose of the packaging. Please remember though that we are always available on the telephone to help if you feel you need assistance.

    Engineered Delivery

    This means that your new product will be delivered to your door and assembled by our trained operatives. Our engineer will demonstrate the product and show you how to use it, including appropriate storage and charging information where required. We will ensure that you are completely comfortable with your product before we leave and will take the packaging away for your convenience.
    Items that are covered by our Engineered Delivery:-

    • Mobility Scooters
    • Powerchairs
    • Rise & Recline Chairs
    • Adjustable Beds
    • Stairlifts