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Bariatric Elite Rise & Recliner Lift Chair 35 Stone Weight


The Elite Cosi rise & recliner armchair has a superb 35 stone lifting capacity, making It ideal for bariatric users. This chair provides great support & real comfort. A dual motor chair which works in tandem to operate the chairs rise & recline mechanism.  The three-way action enables you to achieve a truly comfortable position for watching television before reclining the back.  And when it comes to standing, the Elite provides you with all the support you need to rise from the chair. With a two button handset, you can progressively recline into a relaxing position until you are comfortable. To stand just push the rise button to activate the rise and tilt mechanism.

Product Description


  • Smart Tek
  • Arm rest covers
  • Removable back rest
  • Quick-release hand control
  • Magazine pocket
  • Battery back up (power failure)



  • Overall Length 95cm
  • Overall height 105.5cm
  • Seat height 48cm
  • Back Rest Height 68.5cm
  • Seat width 66cm
  • Seat depth 51cm
  • Weight 227kg/500lb


  • Overall Length 95cm
  • Overall height 109cm
  • Seat height 53.5cm
  • Back Rest Height 71cm
  • Seat width 66cm
  • Seat depth 53.5cm
  • Weight 227kg/500lb


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