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Bath in Bed wipes


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Product Description

These Bath in Bed wipes are a pack of eight disposable premoistened
cleansing wipes that clean, moisturise and condition the
skin, eliminating the need for soap and water. Each cloth is premoistened
with a gentle, no-rinse, pH balanced cleanser, leaving
the skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.
Carrying out a conventional bed bath is time consuming for the
carer, and uncomfortable for the patient. It is also more expensive
due to costs of using soaps, flannels, towels and lotions. Bath in
Bed is both quick and inexpensive, and by far the preferred option
for the patient.
Using one pack per person reduces cross-contamination by
eliminating the need for reusable accessories such as soap,
flannels and towels which can store bacteria.
Bath in Bed is ideal for cleansing when washing facilities are not
easily available. They are widely used for camping, boating, fishing,
outings, sports and numerous other activities.


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